Writ admitted & cheating by KSEBL

Dear Hospital Owners,

Sub: Writ admitted & Electricity bill for private hospitals/dental clinics/etc. – regarding

QPMPA filed an RTI application before ERC to find out how the KSEBL will charge private hospitals under LT 6G tariff.

They refused to give a proper reply – or say, beating around the bush. They are now charging us in a non-telescopic manner.

Now, we have filed an Appeal before the ERC and the copy is there at the QPMPA-HOF (Hospital Owners’ Forum) group site, for you to find out the truth. The link is given below.

We have also filed a Writ Petition before the Kerala High Court challenging the dismissal of our petition requesting ERC to group us under Industries. Writ admitted by Hon’ble Kerala High Court — WPC No. 20088/2017

Writ admitted

Hope all private hospitals will give QPMPA a helping hand to continue the legal battle that will go up to the Supreme Court. Lack of funds will force us to back out and all private hospitals/dental clinics/others will suffer. Now it is easier for the KSEBL to bleed us white – yes, paper white.

If the smart hospital owners (majority fond of things free – free loaders) believe that profit will be delivered free of any cost, we are going to suffer together. The cited appeal before ERC will prove that.

Those having single phase connection, are now benefited. They may please contribute the profit of six months. Others may kindly contribute at the rate of Rs. 3 per unit they consume in a month.

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